Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our favourite ABC and Rojak stall in Miri ;-)

Thanks to a dear Miri-an friend who introduced this to Augustine many months ago, we now frequent this stall in Krokop on a regular basis. Why? Coz the ABC is really huge with lots ingredients and we can opt for either fresh milk or brown sugar topping. Our preference is fresh milk. Always 100% satisfying for a hot day! The other reason is they make one of the best Rojak we've ever had! Bonus : very hot chilli paste is provided at the side of the plate ;-) The noodle stall next door also makes yummy noodles, we like their "char kuey teow".

Augustine and I grew up frequenting this "Fajar Rojak" stall in Uptown DU back home. The couple manning this stall is one of my far relatives (mom's bro-in-law's cousin) and my dad was a #1 fan. We never forget to visit this stall whenever we are home and their "popiah" is also a must-have. The other Rojak stall Augustine likes is behind Atria shopping centre at DJ but I didn't think it was nice. Another Rojak stall I must mention is Rojak Ah Chai in Teluk Intan which is also very good and they've appeared in papers and on tv.

What about your favourite Rojak?


Swimming at the club

In my previous post titled Kelab Rekreasi Petroliam, I talked about Augustine and I going to the gym and playing badminton regularly. After a few badminton sessions with me (note : with me, not with his mates), Augustine started complaining that I was such a bore to play badminton with. Well, I admit I am not good at badminton but I did enjoy the sessions a lot (which Augustine very much doubted sobs).

So we moved on to the pool. Now, he's madly in love with it LOL and so we've been going swimming almost everyday! We're not that good at it like so many regulars at the pool swimming laps and laps but we do enjoy swimming at our own pace. Being in the pool is also pretty relaxing, I am sure if we had any stress, we would be able to de-stress in the pool. After swimming, we usually shower at the club and then read newspapers in the club lounge. A pretty good way to unwind after work right ;-)


法證先鋒 II (Forensic Heroes II)

We watched 法證先鋒 II (Forensic Heroes II) recently and thought it was quite good ;-) The series focused on how the Hong Kong police and a group of forensic scientists, equipped with the latest technology, worked together to solve crimes. Besides the serious stuff, there were also lots comedic moments and family stuff in the series that I enjoyed ;-)

Some of my thoughts on the actors and actresses in this series...

欧阳震华 (Bobby Au Yeung Chun Wah) is really good at his role. He's not the most handsome guy around but I think this series will not work without him!

I thought 林文龍 (Frankie Lam Man Lung) looks a lot older now.

I quite like 钟嘉欣 (Linda Chung Ka-Yan) in the series but unfortunately, her character died after only a few episodes.

郑嘉颖 (Kevin Cheng Ka-Weng) and 佘诗曼 (Charmaine Sheh Sze Man) are two new characters for part II of this series and they were really good at their roles. I thought their relationship weren't going to last coz throughout the series, there were many scenes of Charmaine and Frankie's characters getting along really well too. But I am glad it did ;-)

Malaysian 楊秀惠 (Vivien Yeo) had a role in the police team and I was actually disappointed with not only her acting but also her Cantonese which I could not quite catch throughout the series. Maybe it's just me.

The other character I found really cute and like-able is "Formula" by 陳美詩 (Macy Chan) playing the role of a police officer as well as a cousin to Kevin's character.

Definitely looking forward to Part III if there is going to be one in the future!


Thank You For The Cross / Syukur Atas Kuasa SalibMu

One of the songs we sang for Christmas Day service and again last Sunday ;-) Lyrics for both English and BM below.

Thank You For The Cross
Thank You for the Cross, the mighty Cross
That God Himself should die for such as us
And ev'ryday we're changed
Into Your image more and more
Yes, by the Cross we've truly been transformed

And we're so amazed, and we give You praise
That you would save us at such a cost
And we're so amazed, and we give You praise
For the power of the cross
For the power of the cross

Syukur Atas Kuasa SalibMu
Syukur atas Kuasa SalibMu
Yesus rela mati bagiku
Setiap waktu ku diubah
Serupa dengan Mu
KuasaMu sanggup pulihkanku

Ku terpersona
Dan memberi syukur
Kau S'lamatkan ku dengan darahMu
Ku terpersona
Dan memujiMu
Atas kuasa salibMu


Brand New Year 2009

It is already the 6th day of the year 2009, we would like to wish everyone a very Blessed New Year!

What are your resolutions for 2009?

Augustine and Carmen

Thursday, December 18, 2008

最美麗的第七天 (The Most Beautiful Seventh Day)

We just finished a 20 episode TVB series called 最美麗的第七天 (The Most Beautiful Seventh Day). I don't watch a lot of TV but since viewing the first episode on Astro on Demand preview earlier this year at home, I thought I should catch this series when I have the time. The story is mainly about two good looking couples, how they got together, what they went through, etc etc etc. I also love all the other supporting characters, most of them were so funny. Light moments and laughter aside, be prepared to get all teary as well, if you do catch it, especially towards the middle. If you've been watching TVB all your life, you will be able to recognise all the other characters in this series (and fall in love with them all over again hehe). All in all, a great series for me coz I love dramas like these that are focused on family and relationships (with good looking characters and lots funny moments), not the costume and thrillers type hehe. Well, I don't wanna get all addicted but yeah I am already thinking about which series to watch next (my time is precious so I need to be very selective hehe). Augustine absolutely loves watching any series (particularly the costume ones) coz he claims that there is a lot to learn from them, pick up the good stuff and avoid the bad ones yeah.


Facial in Miri!

Last Friday, we checked out a skincare/beauty center at Boulevard commercial center and I then signed up for a 6+2 facial program and went for my first facial here in Miri the very next day.

I first saw this center at their other outlet at Bintang Mall a few months ago but I'd wanted to look around and see which other centers uses Dermalogica products. Coz I've been using these products for many years and facials back home are also with a skincare center using these products.

I scanned through the "facial menu" and I thought the programs, in fact the shop layout as well, were very much similar to the one I frequent back home. So I am guessing they have the same setup and training although this one's definitely locally owned.

I love the fact that the rates are lower here in Miri, (for the same stuff back home) and they were running the 6+2 offer (pay for 6 free 2) and the flexibilities that comes with the program. I can mix 2 types of different facials and I can split the payment into 3 instalments. In KL, I have to pay in full upfront. Well I chose 2 different facials from the mid-range ones so on average, with the 6+2 program, I am paying slightly less than ninety per session ;-)

I was very satisfied with the first session, it lasted almost 2 hours, and the therapists attending to me were very attentive to my needs. The facial structure is just the same as the ones I go for back home. And they did a great job trimming my eyebrows coz my eyes are always droopy and sleepy so I am looking more "awake" now! The only problem for me is that the therapists speak Mandarin and assume I know Mandarin (I can converse with them but I won't be able to understand the technicalities and stuff in Mandarin), so when they explain what they are using or what they are doing throughout the facial session, half of the time, I do not understand what they're saying :-( But it's OK coz the fact that the steps were all the same, I knew what I was going through. For me, in terms of the services rendered (including massages on my face, neck, shoulders and upper arms), there's no question about the worthiness although yes it's a competitive market out there for them.

Well Augustine is planning to start his facial this weekend (upon seeing my satisfaction), they've got a few facial types under the men's skincare range although the therapist mentioned he could also sign up for the ones I did. But for men, they will only be given face massage, no massages for neck and shoulder. Too bad huh.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Come Now Is The Time / No Higher Calling

Awesome worship we had this morning and here's 2 songs I'd like to share ;-) God Bless!

No Higher Calling
Down at Your feet, O Lord
Is the most high place
In Your presence, Lord
I seek Your face (2x)

There is no higher calling
No greater honor
Than to bow
And kneel before Your throne
I'm amazed at Your glory
Embraced by Your mercy
O Lord, I live to worship You

Come Now Is The Time
Come, now is the time to worship
Come, now is the time to give your heart
Come, just as you are to worship
Come, just as you are before your God

One day ev'ry tongue will confess You are God
One day ev'ry knee will bow
Still the greatest treasure remains for those
Who gladly choose you now


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miri City Christmas Parade 2008

Last Saturday, we gathered at the amphitheatre at Miri City Fan for the Miri City Christmas Parade, organised by the Christian Community of Miri. It was also my first time to the Miri City Fan! There were about 3720 of us participating in the celebration from churches like SIB, Methodist, Anglican, CLSF, FGA, Baptist, Calvary, SDA, Boys Brigade, RC and St Joe band!

The theme was Christ...The Perfect Gift of Christmas. Indeed we were very privileged to be able to share the love of Christ with Miri-ans openly through the celebration.

Y.B. Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. George Chan initiated the parade earlier this year and he officiated the parade and also gave a speech.

In the opening prayer by one of the church pastors, I remembered the pastor asked us to cheer and clap as loud as we can "sehingga daun gugur" (in BM), and guess what, some leaves did fall in between me and Augustine, Praise God!

We also had worship where we sang 2 songs in both languages : Hai Mari Berhimpun Dan Bersukaria/O Come All Ye Faithful and Kesukaan Bagi Dunia/Joy To The World.

The offerings collected during the service totalled RM11K plus and will be donated to the Miri Kidney Dialysis Centre and Miri Cancer Society. Praise the Lord!

The parade around the city (about 3km) was an awesome experience for us, being able to share our celebration in public, wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and sharing tracts. Indeed God was present with us throughout the celebration. God is good!

The weather was excellent all through the evening and night. I think it only rained like somewhere in the middle of the night!

We thank God for the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with many on Saturday and may everyone's hearts be blessed this Christmas as we remember our Lord Saviour and the peace and joy He brings us.

Blessed Christmas to all and enjoy the slideshow below!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

He Made A Way In A Manger

This is currently my very favourite Christmas worship song! Sang by Candi Pearson Shelton.

He Made A Way In A Manger

Longing for a Savior
A hopeless world would wait
Sin demanded justice
At a price we could not pay
But God displayed His mercy
The greatest gift of love
When we could not reach Heaven
Heaven came to us

He made a way in a manger
A way through the Son
Messiah the promised
Before time had begun
For God so loved this world
Though He knew what love would cost
He made a way in a manger
To make a way to the cross

In Bethlehem a stable
Became a throne of grace
As God Himself our Savior
Drew near to take our place
His mother smiled in wonder
As shepherds stood in awe
The Sacrifice of Heaven
Lay sleeping in the straw

He is the life that died our death
The precious Lord Jesus laid down His sweet head

Away in a manger no crib for a bed
The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head
The stars in the sky looked down where He lay
The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CHULA on the Red Carpet Jewelry Runway!

We were the "glittering sponsor" for Day 3 of the the recent 14th Malaysia Jewelry Festival 2008 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, where we matched 8 CHULA outfits with the jewelry brand Emrusa ;-)

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For more information, visit http://www.carmenz.com.my/


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday night out

Tonight was one of our weekday night out / date night and we decided to go to Halo Cafe in town. We came here for dinner with our friends on Monday night and we found out they have a performing band every night from 8:30pm, except Sunday nights. And we thought the band tonight was really good. They sang really well even individually! And they were also having a good time communicating with the crowd ;-) Ah they sang 2 songs from Jay Chou's new album ;-)

Hmmm I had fun with Augustine tonight, I love it that we make it a point to spend quality time together. I try not to talk about work but I think we (or rather I) still do sometimes hehe.

We shared some fries and this Borneo coffee, the serving is for two, it was quite good! It's obviously keeping me awake now! ;-) I wanted to try a 3 layer milk tea but they ran out.

Thanks dear!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Double Star Cafe

Today after church, we decided to head to Double Star Cafe at Pelita for lunch. The cafe is quite big, it covers 2 shoplots and it's got WIFI too. The ambience is cosy and the air-cond is very strong. They were quite packed.

The food selection is wide! When I saw the menu : pork chop rice, toasts, baked cheese rice, Kim Gary immediately came to mind hehe. Is the food as good? Well, the food here is a lot less salty actually, but health wise, I think it's better ;-) Here's what we had :-

Cendol iceYin Yeong ice (woohoo found my fav drink!)
Salted vege beancurd soupFrench toast with butter and honey Pork chop vege rice
Taiwanese style spicy beef noodle (not spicy enough for me)Assorted mushroom vege rice


Evening walk

We went for a walk this evening. There is this lake about 10 minutes' walk from home. The ducks hang out here sometimes, otherwise we see them running all over the residential area! The residents come here for brisk walking, jogging, cycling and fishing. I can go running here but I still prefer the gym la.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

7 Highly Skills from "Transformers"

While I was doing nothing and merely filling up my leisure time in one of the shops the other day, one DVD had caught my attention..."Transformers".

This reminded me about one of the blogs I had earlier (not here but under Friendster account), which I would love to share with everyone again. Copy-and-paste mode!

"After waited so long to get the ticket (it seemed like the movie tickets always sold out for the last two weeks) and finally, I completed the mission, which was to watch one of the best movies of the year - "Transformers".

The ratings and the reviews for the movie were excellent and marvel at times. How could a movie, which taken out from a cartoon, could be so nice and excellent? The movie was definitely one of the best and overwhelming than I expected. More than 2 hours in the cinema, I personally think some important skills could be discovered from the movie.

1. Leadership

Optimus Prime was ready to have a face-to-face battle against Megatron, instead of hiding when things had gone extremely wrong.

Comment: This, I believe, is one of key criteria to become an effective leader. Never fear on the worst enemy but persevering until the victory is acclaimed.

2. Teamwork

Key actress (I apologize on unable to remember her name) was driving the truck while bumblebee was gunning down the decepticon (although bumblebee was injured). Soldiers were also in the killing spree against the decepticons although their weapons were not strong and solid for defence.

Comment: Good teamwork works wonderfully under the worst situation. Better heads (in this sense, better and more weapons) definitely will prevail.

3. Sacrifice

Optimus Prime was ready to sacrifice if he had to, in order to save the human beings and autobots, besides dashed Megatron’s wish to create a new army of decepticons.

Comment: “No sacrifice, no victory”.

4. Hidden talent

Bumblebee camouflaged as a car to hide his true identity and talent, only transformed when needed to protect the innocent Sam and other people.

Comment: Offer effective helps and show extraordinary talents when needed rather than being defensive/stay away from any problems when helps are wanted or needed.

5. Courage

Sam showed that winning a person’s heart was not totally by the look of the car (an old Camero, which of course transformed to a new GM Camero), but instead by the courage and bravery.

Comment: Stand firm to the ground with bold decisions and brave enough to conquer the mountain in order to accomplish the tasks. Sky is the limit!

6. Trust

Sam trusted the autobots and befriended with them after knowing their true intentions, instead of supporting and stand on the same line with the decepticons, eventhough his life is at stake/threatened in one point of time.

Comment: Learn to trust can become beneficial to everyone and save lots of unwanted anger and tears.

7. Appreciation

Optimus Prime affirmed his appreciation to other autobots for all the years of going through the battle against decepticons. He also showed a deep gratitude to Sam when he helped the autobots to destroy "all spark" (the cube).

Comment: An excellent and effective leader will appreciate his team and not only take credits to himself."


Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Love Fashion Shows!

Yesterday's opening show went really well. Sis did a GREAT job with all the arrangements and from what she related to me she had so much fun with our staff and the models too! Although this time we're kinda restricted by the organiser and jeweller to keep to black or dark colors (this is a jewelry festival), we still try our very best to showcase outfits that best represents the Chula spirit. New Chula dresses actually just arrived this morning, phew! Our postmen are considered efficient lor haha.

Yesterday's was a preview with all other designers and jewellers, tomorrow's slot at 2pm is all ours ;-)

Fashion show details :-
Event : Red Carpet Jewelry Runway at the 14th Malaysia Jewelry Festival 2008, 21-24 November 2008
Date : Sunday, 23 November 2008
Time : 2:00pm
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Hall 4 & 5

For more information, pls call 03-2143 3336 or visit http://www.carmenz.com.my/

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Yummy tasty food from mom

Many people claim that descendants from Hainan (or Hainanese) can cook and make very tasty and delicious food. I definitely raise both my arms and legs in full support of that...indeed.

Last 2 days, my mom spent some time making char siew (BBQ pork) pau, tao sa (red bean) pau, and Kuih Talam (top layer is Santan and bottom is Pandan).

Left only 2 char siew pau....who has eaten the rest??


Filled with red beans...I LOVE it!

Anybody wants to have nice and gelly-like Kuih Talam?


Friday, November 21, 2008

My Birthday Gift

My friend got me this book for my birthday last month. I haven't really started reading it but I will start soon. I flipped through it a little and I know I will enjoy reading it, it's got humor thrown in here and there, no pictures, but a lot of useful info and guidance ;-)

To my dear friend, thank you!!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008


You are invited to the 14th Malaysia Jewelry Festival 2008, 21-24 November 2008!

CarmenZ is proud to be one of the wardrobe sponsors for the Red Carpet Jewelry Runway!

Watch out for new and exciting CHULA designs together with the finest jewelry from Emrusa!

Event : Red Carpet Jewelry Runway / Fashion Show

Date : Sunday, 23 November 2008

Time : 2:00pm

Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Hall 4 & 5

Also look out for a FASHION PREVIEW during the festival's grand opening ceremony on Friday, 21 November 2008 at 11.00am!

Please drop by CarmenZ, Lot 10 for FREE invites to the festival.

For more information, pls call 03-2143 3336 or visit

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Excapade Sushi at Kuala Belait, Brunei

Last month, we went to Brunei for a day trip. Augustine cannot wait to introduce this Japanese restaurant called Excapade Sushi which he has been once with his collegues. We went to the Kuala Belait branch (there are 3 outlets!). Thumbs up for the really generous servings, freshness and service!

Didn't take a lot of photos and the photos I took did not turn out well but here's a few :-
The interior (there is also a sushi bar)
Soft shell crab
Hokkeido Maki (giant size!)
Spider Roll
Unagi Fire Cheese!
Chicken Ramen
Macha Ice-Cream with Red Bean

Brunei's just a short drive from Miri so we'll definitely be heading there again soon! ;-)